Tangle Tamer


Any naturalista, curly head or anyone with extremely thick hair (like myself) knows that detangling is one of the most arduous tasks when washing or styling hair! The wrong detangling tool can pull and even break hair, leading to split ends. While a wide tooth comb is helpful and effective, there are other detangling tools out there that can simplify this process. When researching the top ten products that Sally’s Beauty Supply has to offer, I ran across this tangle tamer. Naturally, the next time I went in to Sally’s I purchased it ($10) to see if it would get the job done. I’m happy to report that it truly truly does!!

I use this detangler all the time, when I’m IN the shower while conditioning, when I’m out of the shower and detangling with a leave in OR applying a deep conditioner, and even when I do wash and go’s and need to moisturize my hair. This detangler works more effectively than a wide tooth comb at detangling the hair and ensuring equal distribution of conditioners, deep conditoners and leave ins! I purchased mine (pictured below) in black but I would recommend purchasing it in a lighter color. The tangle tamer not only helps to detangle but it provides you with a clear picture of how much hair you’re shedding when detangling your hair. Thus, it helps you get an understanding of how healthy your hair is. The less shedding (amount of hair) you’re seeing on your tangle tamer means that your retaining alot of hair which, of course, amounts to length retention and healthy healthy hair!! So, the lighter you get the tangle tamer, the better it is for you!