There is nothing worse than a product junkie. Except a product junkie with a blog *raises hand*. At this point in my blog, I have over 70 posts and countless categories. I know that it’s tempting to simply stare at the screen and just ask “What works?!” Well, in an attempt to answer this question, I’ve decided to start posting my top 5 favorite hair products within each month! These are all pictured below and have already been reviewed within my blog.

My tops picks for January areeee

1) Nothing But Curl Wake Up Spray
2) SheaMoisture Yucca & Baobab Anti-Breakage Masque
3) Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner
4) Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment
5) Eden’s Coconut Shea All Natural Leave In Conditioner

I love these products!! Rather than rave, all over again, about how much I love these products they are available within my blog! Read, try them out for yourselves, and enjoy!