How To: Flaxseed Gel


I recently watched a video by Naptural that described how she used her flaxseed gel on her flexirod set! The finished result was super defined yet soft looking curls! I knew I had just had to try it for myself. Why? Well, besides the obvious who wouldn’t want soft yet defined curls answer, I really want to avoid the super drying effect that gel has on my hair! I hate it and try to avoid it at all costs. Unfortunately, this has resulted in curls that go limp after the first day–second day if I’m lucky. This past week I tried the flaxseed gel on my own curl former hair and it’s now day 3 and my curls are holding on STRONG (pictured below) and my hair is super soft to the touch! I am seriously in awe and will no longer be using store bought gel for sure!

Here is the video that I watched, by Naptural, on how to make my own gel! As well as the original video where she used the gel on her flexi rod set.

What You Will Need:

Nylon Stockings
1 Bowl
1 Air Tight Container
1 Medium Sauce Pan
2 cups of Water
1/4 cup of Flaxseeds
1 scoop spoon
Essential Oils (of your choice–i.e. Avocado, Jojoba, Vitamin E, Lavender, Peppermint, etc)


Step 1: Add 1/4 cup of flaxseeds to the 2 cups of water in medium size sauce pan
Step 2:Bring the mixture to a boil on medium heat
Step 3: Continue stirring, ensuring that no flaxseeds are sticking to the sides and bottom of the pan.
Step 4: Once the water begins to boil, stir until the water begins to thicken from the flaxseed mucous.
Step 5: Turn the stove off. Grab your nylon stocking and position over the bowl. Begin to scoop the flaxseeds (about 2-3 scoops) into the nylon stocking
Step 6: Use the tongs to squeeze the mucous/gel out of the nylons and into the bowl. The first batch should be easy but once you add more seeds into the stocking, it can be a little bit of a struggle to get all the gel out.
Step 7: Repeat Step 6
Step 8: Once you have used all the seeds, you can add essential oils into the mucous/gel into the bowl to ensure that the gel is preserved for 3 weeks. I like to end a tea spoon of jojoba oil, a teaspoon of Vitamin E oil, 3 drops of peppermint oil and 3 drops of rosemary oil.
Step 9: Mix everything together and transfer into an airtight container. Make sure to refrigerate your gel!


Day 1 (First set of foursquare collage)
Day 3 (Second set of foursquare collage)