The LOC Method


A year ago, I didn’t know what the “LOC Method” meant. A year later, I’m well versed in the LOC Method and the different products I can use when doing this method. Now that I know, however, I find it crazy strange when others don’t know what it means to LOC! Well, ladies, now it’s time to find out!

This method is for curlies and naturalistas. The LOC Method seals in moisture and hydrates dry, damaged locks. So, how do you LOC?

STEP 1 – Apply a moisturizing water-based leave-in conditioner to cleansed hair
STEP 2 – Apply a thin layer of oil to your hair to help lock in the moisture
STEP 3 – Apply a butter-based, creamy moisturizer to your hair to seal that moisture in

Admittedly, this routine takes a lot of trial and error to ensure that you’re using just the right product balance for your hair. Below is a picture of some of the products I like to use when I LOC! Here are articles that further explain the LOC method. The first is from Naturally Curly and the second is from Curly Nikki!
Also, here are two videos I LOVE that really do a great job at showing how to LOC your hair. One video is for winter LOC and the second video is for those with relaxed hair that need some extra moisture. I don’t recommend using the LOC method if you have relaxed hair UNLESS it’s super thick or still curly (like mine) because it’ll be too heavy for your hair, in my opinion.

Marc Anthony True Professional Strictly Curls Stretch


This product is for those that want to elongaaaate their curls! Does it work? YES! I just used this product for the first time and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I got this product from a product swap but it is available at Walgreens for $7. Here is a YouTube video that also portrays how great this product works!


I used this product on my wash and go (obviously) after a good shampoo and condition. After I towel dried my hair, I use Giovanni’s Leave In Conditioner on my hair. Next, I used generous amounts Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La on my hair. Lastly, I use about a quarter sized amount of Marc Anthony’s Curl Stretch on each section of my hair (4 sections) and used a diffuser for maximum curl definition. The directions says to stretch your curls out as you diffuse your hair, thus, I did! When you do this step, make sure not to stretch too much or you’ll disturb your curl pattern AND create frizz! Once your hair is dry, voila! Long, defined curls!



SheaMoisture Tahitian Noni & Monoi Smooth & Repair High Shine Glosser


There are times, hopefully rarely, that a woman will spend hours conditioning and straightening her locks only to finish and realize that she’s missing that extra “oomph!” That last bit of pizzazz that takes a 99.99 to a straight 100. That’s where SheaMoisture, once again, makes my hair and my mouth smile! This high shine glosser truly gives hair that last bit of shine and moisture that it needs after a good straightening sesh. I purchased this product from Target for $10 for 4 fl oz.


Pictured below!


The instructions say to spray product into hands and gently smooth over hair after styling. I repeat, after styling! With heat. Normally, I would use the SheaButter Reconstructive Elixir after heat styling my hair. It’s always has that light weight touch that gives hair a great scent, shine and provides moisture. This spray, however, delivers the same but is specially formulated for wavy, curly and frizzy hair. It contains keratin, monoi oil and Tahitian noni which, combined, are meant to repair dry damaged hair, smooth flyways, and maintain hair health!

This spray is not as lightweight as the elixir, so it’s wise to use about 2-3 pumps for your whole head of hair. And this is coming from someone with thick thick hair. 2-3 pumps gets me right! Great shine, no frizz and a nice scent!

This is a new staple of my heat styling regimen!

Below are pictures of the product and ingredient list as well as a picture of the front part of my hair (severe layers) with the product freshly applied!