Month 7


Just finished my 7th month of Hairfinity!! Due to the fact that not much has changed since last month, I’ll keep this short.

I’m still experiencing lots of fast growing body hair (gross lol), my nails still grow long and strong, I’m not experiencing any break outs, and my hair is growing. Originally, I had planned on taking Hairfinity for a year but now that I’m transitioning I may take it for 16-18 months, just so I can speed up my rate of growth. This will help me trim my relaxed hair faster and speed up the process.

For the past 7 months, I haven’t accurately been measuring my hair growth. Rather I just played it by eye. This was due to the fact that I didn’t have a length check shirt AND because I was constantly cutting the bleach out of my hair. Now that I’m bleach free, and even though I’m transitioning, I will start using my length check shirt from the Big Hair Betty website to give an accurate measure of how much my hair is growing each month.

Too see my Hairfinity journey from the beginning you can look here OR simply scroll over to the menu bar (on the left) and select the month you wish to view!

So, here’s my first measure