Curl Diffuser


Yesterday, I received my universal Vidal Sassoon curl diffuser that I ordered on Amazon. It was about $6, fits mosts blowdryers and is a gift from the heavens above! At first, I was skeptical about using a curl diffuser. I figured that there was no way there that I could get more volume than what I have when I air dry my hair. Besides, using my air conditioner to speed up the process of air drying my hair on the way to school in the morning had been working well enough. This curl diffuser changed all of my previous thoughts!


Leave In Conditioner (Spray)
Leave In Conditioner (Creme)
Curl Defining Product
Duckbill Clips
Diffuser Attachment


If it isn’t obvious already, curl diffusers are meant to be used on your hair when doing wash and go’s. They help achieve more volume and essentially capture that great curl pattern that naturalistas and curly heads have when hair is freshly washed.

I used this diffuser on my freshly washed hair (pictured below). I sprayed on Nothing But Curl Wake Up Spray (one of my favorite products) and SheaMoisture Yucca & Baobab Thickening Moisture Mist. Then, I put about a quarter sized amount of Giovanni’s Direct Leave In Conditioner on throughout my hair. After this, having divided my hair into four sections for this part using duckbill clips, I put a nickel sized amount of Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls on each section of my hair. I just received these last two products yesterday and am already in love! However, I don’t like to do product reviews on products after only having used them once so I’ll wait a bit before doing product reviews on either.

I like to use duckbill clips on my hair when using a diffuser, cause it’s important to section off the hair and these clips do not interfere with curl formation. Very important! It’s also important to note that curl diffusers are meant to be used on a LOW setting, this reduces frizz and results in a smoother curl.

From this point on, I will let these YouTube videos show you how to properly use a curl diffuser. This first YouTube video is for those that do not have a natural curl pattern but wish to acheive one. This second YouTube video is for curly heads and naturalistas that DO have a NATURAL curl pattern. Lastly, here is an article that contains tips and tricks to try when using a curl diffuser.

Pictured below is the diffuser that I bought on Amazon, my freshly washed hair before using the curl diffuser, and my hair AFTER using the curl diffuser.