Round Brush v. Paddle Brush


Being Puerto Rican, I L O V E a good blow out with a round brush. Really, until recently, it’s the only way I’ve ever known how to do a blowout. Round brush=blowout. It was a way of life! UNTIL, that is, fellow curlies and my naturalista friends put me onto the paddle brush. For months they told me how damaging a round brush was to use when blowing out your hair. How much smoother, shinier, and LESS damaged my hair would be if I just switched to a paddle brush. But, no. That was always my reply. No, nope, nah. I did my research, and honestly, I didn’t find many articles that spoke about the damaging effects of a round brush. Nonetheless, I decided to do my YouTube tutorial due diligence and try the paddle brush method out. I tried it once, twice, and now THREE times. And? And, I won’t be going back to round brush any time soon! Not only does the paddle brush blowout method, coupled with the flat iron comb and chase, cut down on my styling time but it makes my hair lighter and softer with MORE volume. LOVE IT! Using a paddle brush also allows you to slide the brush through your hair a few times, and then begin to use your hand to hold your hair taut while you blow dry–using less manipulation all together.

Below are a few videos that I used in my YouTube tutorial search. The first video is from Big Hair Betty whom I love! Here, she shows her blow out method. In a separate second video, she also teaches you how to make your hair super big with flat iron curls (something I have yet to master).

This third video is from Brandi! While she opts for an air dry, this video shows you to do the comb chase method which really helps to straighten and get sleeker strands.

Clearly ALOT of YouTube tutorials, but these methods are a lot healthier and less damaging for your hair!
Below are my results