Hair Steamer Uses and Benefits



Recently, my boyfriend bought me a Secura Hair and Face steamer for Christmas. I really wanted the Huetiful steamer but they were sold out and more expensive for essentially the same design. No thanks. Since receiving the hair steamer, I’ve used it about three times. Regrettably I have yet to take any pictures of the results but, next time, I certainly will! Here is a YouTube video, however, that does an awesome job of showing how to use the Secura steamer, how it’s set up, and what products to use before your steam treatment as well as the after effects of the steam treatment*

*While I strictly believe in each their own, I don’t think the steamer gets that dramatically hot on your scalp or your ears (oil or no oil)


Before I received my awesome hair steamer, I of course researched all the benefits that a hair steamer could provide. Before my Secura, I had just been covering my hair with a plastic cap and sitting under my bonnet dryer for 30 minutes. This method seemed to be working well but apparently a hair steamer could do better. I’ve listed below the top benefits of steaming your hair.

Steam reduces breakage by increasing moisture and aiding in better penetration of deep treatments which leads to stronger healthier hair

Steamers are the best way to get moisture into low porosity coarse hair and work much better than hooded dryers

Steam increases blood flow into the scalp which may lead to increased hair growth

Moisture levels in the scalp are balanced by regular steam treatments keeping dandruff at bay

The increased amount of moisture in the strands helps with better clumping and downward hang for natural curls

Like with other fibres, steam helps to straighten hair easier which exposes hair to less heat


When I use my steamer I like to use it when I pre-poo my hair AND when I deep condition my hair. I’ve now reserved my bonnet dryer for setting my hair when doing bantu knots and velcro roller sets. So, when using with a pre poo treatment, I let the steamer work it’s magic for about 20 minutes which is generally how long it runs until it automatically shuts off. When I do a pre poo treatment I like to sleep in the treatment with a plastic cap and sleeping cap over my head of course. When I wake up, I go straight to my steamer, set everything up and steam for 20 minutes. Afterwards, I shampoo and condition per usual. I then dry my hair (with a soft towel or old t shirt) and begin to apply my deep conditioning treatment on my hair. Section by section. I like to ensure I have equal distribution throughout my hair. I then like to go through my hair again with a mixture of oils (similar to the ones in the video) and apply this mixture to my scalp. I go through again with a wide tooth comb and pile all of my hair into a top knot and go back to my steamer. When doing a deep conditioning treatment I like to go for about 35-40 minutes under the steamer to ensure maximum moisture and penetration of my deep conditioning treatment. Afterwards, I rinse off with cool water to close my hair’s cuticle and style as usual!
The end result is super strong, soft, and silky hair! I’m hooked!


*Do not cover your hair with a cap of any sort while using the steamer!
*You can mix jojoba, almond, coconut, castor, avocado, grapeseed or any other oils you desire together to make a mixture similar to the one used by myself and the woman in the YouTube video
*My favorite deep conditioner to use is Beautiful Textures or SheaMoisture Anti Breakage Masque (both in my deep conditioner section) mixed with one of my own DIY conditioners

After experiencing a glitch with my Secura, I went online to see if anyone had any similar results. Too many people did (via the Amazon comment/reviews). Last month (6 months after purchasing) my hair steamer would start up, run for about 4 minutes and then auto shut off. No idea why. And, according to Amazon, I was far from the only one this has been happening too. My advice? Purchase the Huetiful steamer. It’s slightly more pricey but a better LONG TERM investment. If you want a handheld steamer, you can also purchase the Q-Redew!