On November 1st, I decided it was time for a bit of a hair change. I walked into a Bubbles salon and got a few inches of my hair cut (mostly cut into layers) and an ombre style! Although this section of my blog is supposed to be for YouTube tutorials on HOW to achieve a certain look, I’m going to stray a bit because I NEVER NEVER EVER think it’s a good idea to attempt ombre on yourself! In 2 days everyone inevitably ends up with brassy harsh looking hair that is dry and….just rough to the touch. Bleach is NOT something to be used lightly. Thus, I’m using this section of my blog to demonstrate what ombre looks like if you go to a professional colorist! It has been almost 2 months since I got my ombre done and I’m still super in love with it! The key is to go for a soft painted look, rather than a HARSH line. And if you already have dark hair, be realistic. You can’t go from black to blonde in ONE sitting and any good colorist will tell you that. Also, be prepared to do some serious keratin and/or deep conditioning treatments on your hair because bleached hair always requires some intensive moisturizing treatments. In the end, however, it is truly worth if IT done right!