Hairfinity Month 4 Update


It’s been 4, almost 5, months since I started taking Hairfinity and I love my results! Longer nails, thicker, fuller AND longer hair, and clear skin. The only drawback (still!) is the excessive hair growth EVERYWHERE! I’ve had to deal with spending extra money on razors, shaving creams, Nair, and waxing…and embarrassing chin hairs! Gross. Please believe me when I tell you that Hairfinity does NOT discriminate, meaning that it does not only localized the hair growth you will experience to the hair on your head. As annoying as this has all been, Hairfinity has been a blessing. It has helped me grow and thicken my hair SO MUCH while I attempt to trim and cut all the bleach out of my hair. For all those that are currently using Hairfinity, keep pushing! The results are worth it. For all those that want to start, below are pictures of my growth! The side by side comparisons are pictures from February comparing my current hair. I’ve trimmed my hair every two weeks to get the bleach off since while the length is not dramatically improved, the thickness is insane (in a good way haha!)