Hairfinity Month 6th!


I have now officially finished my SIXTH bottle of Hairfinity and begun my seventh bottle. As I am now halfway through my year challenge with Hairfinity and have finally cut all the bleach out of my hair–I’ve decided to order a length check shirt so that you all could see just how much my hair is growing monthly now. When I receive it, I will update this blog post with the starting point and, from that point on, will provide the differences in the Hairfinity monthly update blogs to follow. I ordered my length check shirt from Big Hair Betty! This link will take you to the website so that you can order one of your own. Not much new to report this month. Still combating the increased body hair, increased hair growth on my head and the clear skin that I’ve experienced from taking these vitamins.

Below I’ve provided a picture of my hair last November after the ombre (on the left) compared to my hair NOW that I’ve cut off the ombre out (right). I attribute all of that length retention and growth to these vitamins and my healthy hair regimen!