Hairfinity Month 5 Update!


So, I’ve been taking Hairfinity for FIVE whole months now! I’ve officially decided on a 1 year challenge. So, 5 months down 7 months to go haha. As evidenced by the previous Hairfinity update blogs, throughout these past 5 months, my hair has gotten longer, stronger, and thicker. My nails have grown at CRAZY fast rates and have become stronger as well. Body hair is off the charts (TMI! Don’t care haha) BUT I’ve mastered the art of shaving/waxing/and NAIR. There are two benefits that I have rarely mentioned, however. My skin and my eyelashes. These vitamins have truly made my eyelashes grow so much thicker and LONGER! I wish I had “before” pictures for so y’all could see how stubby my eyelashes used to be but, unfortunately, I don’t. NOW? They’re longer and thicker and I love love love them. Whenever I wear my glasses, instead of my contacts, I always have to either push back my glasses onto my nose to avoid how annoying it feels when my eyelashes rub against my lenses OR I have to wipe away the smears that my mascara leaves from touching my lenses. I’ve never had these issues before Hairfinity! While this change def didn’t happen right away, about 3 months into taking Hairfinity I noticed that my lashes were steadily growing.

Now, onto my skin. If you follow my blog, then you know there are various pictures of me on here with my wash and go’s and when my hair is freshly straightened. What you don’t realize is that the greater majority of my wash and go pictures are done with absolutely NO MAKEUP. While I didn’t have crazy skin problems or acne before, Hairfinity has definitely improved my skin ALL AROUND and given me a type of “glow”. For someone who doesn’t drink a lot of water, this is a miracle! haha

Below are the pictures of the current length of my eyelashes and the current state of my hair.