Hairfinity Month 2 Update


It’s officially been 2 months since I started Hairfinity! Last month, if you couldn’t tell, I was still a little skeptical about the wonders of Hairfinity. Realistically, I know that it takes a while for vitamins to start working but all I heard was hair growth hair growth hair growth! So, naturally I expected massive amounts of hair growth! On my head, not my body. Cause that’s what I goton my body!

Last week, however, as I was straightening my hair I realized that Hairfinity was in fact working and not just for my body hair. Since November, I’ve been trimming my hair incessantly. I put bleach in my hair (ombre) and while I loved it and my colorist did an amazing job, the reality was that my hair just wasn’t healthy enough to go through the bleaching process. Soon after bleaching my hair, I was left with dry hair and breakage. So, I began to trim and trim some more. Add in a protein treatment and regular deep conditioners and my whole goal in life was to get my hair in tip top shape.

I say all that because even though I’ve been trimming hair like a mad person, I STILL see alot of growth. Meaning that my hair HAS been growing even while I’ve been trimming. Below is my hair in November, December and in January (last week). Although I’ve been trimming the color out, my hair is almost the same length it was in November! While it’s not QUITE there, it’s ALMOST there. Now, however, it is healthier and thicker.

Needless to say, while I’ve finished my second bottle of Hairfinity, I’ve ordered two more and began taking my third bottle!