Oyin Handmade Greg Juice


The past Oyin products I’ve tried have been like this–Great results; Not a fan of the smell. This product is the EXACT opposite–not so great results; HUGE ran of the smell! This spray is meant to serve as leave in conditioner or just a daily pick me up spray. With that being said, let me clarify. I’m not a fan of this spray as it relates to a leave in conditioner on damp hair. It doesn’t help detangling and it doesn’t seem to deliver any hydration to my hair. Now, as a daily pick me up? It works! It’s a great base when doing the LOC method as well. The smell is super citrusy and smells like…herbal goodness! Haha. I would recommend this purchase as a pick me up for second or third day hair. I purchased it on the Oyin website as part of the snack pack but it can be purchased, full size, for $14 for 8 oz.


shavegrass leaf, lavender buds, nettle leaf, chamomile flower, and red rose petals; organic flax seeds; organic aloe leaf juice; vegetable glycerin; lavender oil, orange peel oil, grapefruit seed extract; citric acid


When using it as a leave in conditioner (on wash and go hair) I apply it on my freshly washed hair before I apply any curl defining cremes. As a pick me up, or LOC method leave in, I lightly spritz my strands with this product before I apply any oil and butter (the kind for hair, not cooking haha).

Pictured 2nd to the left



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