Marc Anthony True Professional Strictly Curls Stretch


This product is for those that want to elongaaaate their curls! Does it work? YES! I just used this product for the first time and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I got this product from a product swap but it is available at Walgreens for $7. Here is a YouTube video that also portrays how great this product works!


I used this product on my wash and go (obviously) after a good shampoo and condition. After I towel dried my hair, I use Giovanni’s Leave In Conditioner on my hair. Next, I used generous amounts Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La on my hair. Lastly, I use about a quarter sized amount of Marc Anthony’s Curl Stretch on each section of my hair (4 sections) and used a diffuser for maximum curl definition. The directions says to stretch your curls out as you diffuse your hair, thus, I did! When you do this step, make sure not to stretch too much or you’ll disturb your curl pattern AND create frizz! Once your hair is dry, voila! Long, defined curls!




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