Prenatal Vitamins in Shampoo??


As a product junkie, I feel I’ve tried many different methods of hair care. From protein treatments, to keratin treatments, deep conditioners and pre shampoos. I’m even taking Hairfinity! BUT putting prenatals in my shampoo and conditioners?? This is something that is new to me. For those that haven ‘t heard of the benefits of taking prenatals for hair care, this link will quickly bring you up to speed and inform you of the danger of water weight gain. Yikes.

Now, I’ve promised one of my close friends that I’d try this little hair care venture. Like the great friend she is, she helped me pick a brand of prenatals and crush them up to powdery perfection (pictured below). What I didn’t expect, however, was the color that it would turn my shampoo and conditioners! My once creamy white shampoos and conditioners were turned to a orangy concoction. Needless to say I didn’t this mix to EVERY shampoo and conditioner that I have, but rather those that I use the most and will be done with within the next month and a half.

Within this section of my blog, I will post updates of my hair. These updates, unlike length checks, will be of my hair when it is curly. This is the best way to depict the thickness of my hair. While my goal in taking these prenatals is to achieve healthier hair, my specific aim is for thicker fuller hair. While this goal inevitably coincides with length retention, the best way to depict any growing thickness is in my hairs curly state! So, that’s what you all lovelies will see!

I plan to try this experiment for the next two months, so January 17-March 17 (yes, I’ve already washed once with the prenatals) and at that point if I see no increase in hair health (length retention, shine, thickness, etc) then they’re out of the picture! Until then, enjoy this picture of my curly fro/bush! haha






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