Month 1 Update


On January 1st, I hit my one month mark with Hairfinity. As promised, here’s my first review! I’ll try to keep it brief.

Throughout this first month with Hairfinity, I feared that I’d have crazy breakouts, grow massive amounts of body hair (gross) and have waist length hair in ten days. I mean, that IS what all the rave about Hairfinity seems to promise after all! Wrong. On all accounts. First, I experienced no breakouts. At all. One of my close friends, however, did have a few small breakouts within the first week. She stuck through it though and her skin quickly returned to the clarity that is always exudes. So, if any of you all start Hairfinity and experience tiny breakouts my advice would be to amp up your water intake and stick through it!

Second, I did NOT (thankfully) grow massive amounts of body hair. I will admit that I did see an increase in facial hair. When I say facial hair, I mean moustache, eyebrows and eyelashes. I’ve always had a scant amount of “whiskers” here and there but these vitamins are trying to make me grow a full on moustache. Needless to say I’ve stepped my Nair game up. My eyebrows have grown in faster and thicker and my eyelashes have gotten longer and thicker! As far as the hair on my head goes, I have yet to see an increase in growth. I’m not sure if this is because I’m used to hair growth as I usually take hair vitamins, whether my parents fast growing hair gene plays a part or if Hairfinity just isn’t yielding the results it promises in regards to hair. Below is a picture of the one months difference. I was hesistant to post this because 1) the difference in pictures makes it hard to tell if there’s been growth, 2) my head isn’t up straight in the picture on the right (sorry, it’s the best one I have) and 3) I just got a good trim on the 27th so, this isn’t the best picture comparison! It’s only month one though so, of course, I’ll keep you all posted.

Lastly, all I can say is nails, nails, nails! Hairfinity can grow some long strong nails!! Below is a picture of my friends nails (all natural) with no polish on the left and gel polish on the right. Amazing! And they’ve grown like weeds! My nails, although not growing as long as hers, have grown in faster and stronger!!

So, with all that being said, I would still encourage anyone who is interested to purchase Hairfinity. I have experienced positive results so far but I’m still hoping these vitamins will live up to more of their hype.



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