Winter Weather Hair Tips


Polar vortex rumors. Freezing wind chills. Frozen eyelashes?? These seem to be the insane winter weather woes we are currently dealing with across this United States! So, then why do I see so many women running around with wet wash and go hair and hair that, while it’s laid, is uncovered and free to face the frigid artic like temperatures we are all suffering through?!

Ladies, around this time of the year, hair should be in functional protective styles. This means twists, braids or my personal favorite buns/top knots. Hair should NOT be out and uncovered. This inevitably leads to loads of breakage and split ends. The winter air does not contain the humidity that hair desperately needs, meaning no moisture. Meaning no bueno! It’s important for hair, especially the ends of hair, to be tucked away and covered. Hair that is down and uncovered can rub against winter clothing, which contains harsher fabrics than those worn in warmer weather.

Fear not, I’ve found a great article written by Curly Nikki that details ways to protect against the 5 Most Common Winter Woes. While this article is geared toward naturalistas and curly heads, these tips are effective for all hair types. Specifically for my naturalistas, however, I found an equally great article written by Curly Nikki, detailing her specific Fall/Winter Regimen for her natural hair!

Please read ladies, and invest in beanies and leave in conditioners!!



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