The Art of Co-Washing


Ahh the art of the co-wash. Every curly head and every naturalista knows what it means to co-wash but for those that don’t, allow me to explain. To co-wash is to wash hair with conditioner or a product that is more a conditioner than a shampoo. Textured hair has a natural tendency to be drier than straighter hair types. The natural oils created by the scalp have a harder time navigating the twist and turns of curly hair and naturally coarse hair. Co-washing is a part of the no-poo movement. What is the no poo movement you ask? The no poo movement means NO SHAMPOO. EVER.Personally, I’m not a fan of this movement because conditioner doesn’t have the cleansing qualities that the hair needs to remove build up! But, to each their own.

When co-washing it’s very important to have a product that cleanses the hair and scalp! The Huffington Post-Beauty has recently published an article that contains the top eleven products for co-washing. I have tried As I Am Coconut Wash (available in Co-Wash Product Reviews), Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk, and Eden’s All Natural Cleansing Co-Wash.

I hope to try all of the products on this list and, of course, review all these products for you all!! Until then, read this article and experiment!


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