SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie


This product is truly one of trial and error. There are many naturals who love this product and believe that it should be strictly used by naturalistas. Wrong. One of my best best friends, who is FULL Puerto Rican and has a head full of curly hair that is not the slightest bit coarse, loves this product! She would not even slightly fall under the category of being “natural,” in the sense that most people think of. Also, while I’m not natural, my hair loves this product! I use it when I do wash and go’s (pictured below-my hair never pictures right but it’ll work lol) and it gives me soft hydrated hair. I found a YouTube video that explains how to best use this product, so have a look!

A drawback to this product is that it’s not much of a curl definer. It won’t give you the type of curl definition that you will typically find in aloe vera based gel products, HOWEVER, it does protect against frizz. Another drawback, and why I say this product is truly one of trial and error, is that this product is really heavy on the hair. A little goes a longgg way with this product!

As stated in the YouTube video, it’s best to use this product when your hair is damp AND on top of a leave in conditioner. Just remember, trial and error. You may use too much or not enough of this product at first. Just try again! If by the third or fourth time it’s still not for you, then it’s time to give it away haha




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