The Art of Dry Shampoo


One of my most recent obsessions is dry shampoo! I love love love it! As a product junkie, I face the daily struggle of deciding which product to use and when to stop. When I first started using essential oils, I would use too much OR when doing a blow out/flat iron I would use too much styling product or leave in conditioner and the end result? Limp oily hair!! Then I discovered dry shampoo and fell in love! Dry shampoo is gaining more popularity as the “no poo movement” grows. Women everywhere that are kissing shampoo goodbye, due to it’s naturally stripping qualities, have begun to use dry shampoo as a way to still acheive that freshly washed hair look (without actually have to shampoo or even wash) and amping the volume of their hair, all at the same time!

I’ve pulled two articles that do a great job of explaining how to use shampoo and even some product reviews within them. This first article by the Huffington Post explains the “Do’s and Dont’s” of dry shampoo while also featuring a variety of dry shampoos at the end of the article. The second article showcases 5 dry shampoos–2 of the worst and 3 of the best. Personally, I disagree with one of the ones that was voted as the worst (pictured below on the far right) ,but again, to each their own! Within this section of my blog, I will review different dry shampoos I’ve tried and if I can remember, post some pictures of the before/after difference!



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