Monoi Oil


Following the trend of argan oil and its wide use in the U.S., the wonders of monoi oil are recently being discovered here as well. So, what’s all the rave about monoi oil about? Well, this oil is cultivated by soaking Tiare Tahiti blossoms in refined coconut oil. Thus, this oil is actually quite similar to coconut oil. Coconut oil which is the ONLY oil that is strong enough to penetrate the hair shaft. Similar to coconut oil, monoi oil is rich in protective antioxidants like Vitamin E and is excellent for locking in moisture! When your hair is dehydrated or demaged, monoi oil can be applied as a mask that will deep condition from root to tip!!

Need to find a great place to get all natural monoi oil? Try this link!

OR Carole’s Daughter, Nars and many others have products infused with monoi oil, such as the one pictured below. This link is also a recent article in the Huffington Post that also features many products infused with monoi oil as well!



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