General Overview


I should start off by saying I am a MAJOR HUGE CRAZY product junkie. I try a million different things, based off product reviews and YouTube tutorials. I like to be well-informed and well-researched about the products I use which makes me really particular about what I will and will not use on my hair. Although I support the natural hair movement, I am NOT natural! I am Puerto Rican and Jamaican and even WITH relaxers I have extremely thick hair. While relaxers can be damaging, if used too frequently and/or incorrectly, they are a blessing in my life!! lol With that being said, I do tend to use products that some naturals may think should only be used by naturals (the use of essential oils/butters, co-washes, and SheaMoisture). While I agree that some products should JUST be used for naturals, I don’t think that applies to every product nor do I think my hair falls within the context of that division. My product reviews are based on research, curiosity and knowledge of the product through actual use. So, with that being said, feel free to follow me on my journey to healthy hair!



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