Coconut Oil


When reading any product reviews, product ingredient lists, or any DIY hair treatment recipes it doesn’t take long for one to notice that coconut oil is always present! Why is this? Simple. Coconut oil is the ONLY oil that is strong enough to penetrate the hair’s shaft. This oil is GREAT for pre shampoo treatments, deep conditioning treatments, in shampoo and in conditioners! It simply does work wonders. While doing research, I found a great YouTube video that explains how to use coconut oil in your hair regimen in a very detailed but very simple way. Feel free to watch this video and incorporate in your hair regimen, you won’t regret it!

When I use coconut oil, it’s generally in my pre shampoo treatments. I love to slather it on (and I mean SLATHER) along with Burts Bees Avocado Shea Butter Pre Shampoo Treatment. After I’ve applied both, I detangle my hair, and pile it into a top knot and place a plastic cap on top. Then, I either sleep with this in my hair or sit underneath my hair steamer in order to let the steam lift my hairs cuticle gently but effectively. It’s best to leave coconut oil on your hair for 8 hours or more when doing a pre shampoo treatment to get maximum benefits! But again, treatments with a hair steamer are awesome! After you’ve let the coconut oil sit for the desired amount of time, rinse with a sulfate shampoo and conditioner et voila!

This is my favorite coconut oil ( to the right) to use because it’s soft enough to melt down into any DIY treatment I want to make or to simply rub between my palms to seal my ends after a flat iron or blow out. I got this one at Whole Foods for about $6 but it is also available at Trader Joes!




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